Getting Back to a Healthy Routine

During the process of moving, Carson & I were not only living out of boxes but we were eating out of them. The Chik-Fil-A by our house knew our order by name and we were eating all of the leftover party food from Bear’s first birthday. I knew we hit a low point when we had s’mores for breakfast haha. Plus, not only were we eating horribly, but we weren’t working out at all.

After I had Bear, I set a goal to reach a certain body fat percentage & once I reached it I got rid of all my clothes that were too big (which, by the way, is not only liberating but really motivating to stay on track with clean eating). All that being said, I knew I didn’t have any wiggle room…literally. If I didn’t get back to my normal healthy routine then I wouldn’t have anything to wear when I leave the house and apparently that’s just unacceptable.

Here are 10 things that have helped me lose the extra pounds I had gained:

  1. First thing I do in the morning is drink a HUGE glass of water with juice from half a lemon ● this was actually hard to get in the habit of, so for extra motivation, I make myself finish the whole glass before I can have my coffee. Now I drink it in record time haha
  2. Get moving ● we moved to a neighborhood with great walking trails & gyms stocked with all the equipment you need, so I started using them… simple as that.
  3. Get back to the yoga studio ● if you follow me on instagram you know that I practice Bikram yoga. One of my new years resolutions was to get more flexible & a bikram yoga studio is the perfect place for that; it’s a 105˚F room with 50% humidity. Not only has it helped me get more flexibly, but it makes you sweat A LOT which is sooooo good for your body. TRY IT!
  4. Limit processed foods ● once we ran out of leftovers we finally went grocery shopping. My rule of thumb is to shop mainly in the produce sections. By doing this, you’re forced to cook your own food so be mentally prepared; you will no longer be able to just walk into the kitchen and grab something to eat, you’ll have to spend time preparing food – it’s annoying but worth it.
  5. I started weighing myself everyday ● we got a scale that measures body composition and it has really helped me figure out what works for my body to lose fat and gain muscle. You can get the one we use here
  6. Get uncomfortable ● when I’m feeling extra fluffy & when the backs of my legs are extra dimply (my problem area), the last thing I want to do is put on shorts or slip into my bikini & go to the pool, but I just freaking do it. I used to say no to fun things when I wasn’t comfortable with my body, but I’ve realized that only held me back from my goals. Imagine yourself with your ideal body…would you go to the pool more often? Would you go out with friends on the weekends? Would you venture to the free weight section of the gym? Now go freaking do it! The body comes second, not first.
  7. Give yourself some grace ● I’m an extremist & tend to bite off more than I can chew. That being said, in the past when I’ve set a goal, made a diet plan and then cheated on it I would just throw it out the window & order pizza. It’s taken me a long time to learn the slow & steady approach to things. So now if I slip up on my diet & order dessert, I can pick up right where I left off & get back into clean eating quickly. Just know right now you will end up skipping a workout or caving and eating that king size chocolate bar and that’s ok, just give yourself some grace and get back to a healthy routine sooner rather than later.
  8. Realize that patience is an annoying but helpful virtue ● I’m the kind of person that will check to see if I have abs after doing one sit up. When it comes to changing what your body looks like on the outside you have to change what it looks like on the inside first, and that can take weeks depending on where you start. So if you don’t see change after a week, stick with it. Change will come; the slower the better.
  9. Create a visual to track progress ● I’m a visual learner so I like to track progress with something tangible. When I was losing baby weight I would transfer marbles from a “pounds to lose” jar to a “pounds lost” jar. If you have a body composition scale, like me, don’t focus on weight. Instead track body fat percentage or muscle percentage.
  10. Reward yourself right ● whenever I hit a body goal, I no longer reward myself with the cookie dough I’ve been craving but instead with an experience; like a massage or those boots I’ve been eyeing. Food is fleeting… plus boots are cuter.


Let me know if you have any questions!



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