Cookie Exchange Party Invitations

I absolutely LOVE Christmas time; plus it’s a perfect excuse to throw a party! I decided to host a cookie exchange this year with neighbors and close friends. It’s a party where attendees bring they’re favorite cookie to swap and by the end of the night you’ll have a variety of sweets to have for visitors during the holidays. How perfect!

One of my favorite things when planning a party is making the invitations. I’ll be honest, my invitations are always extra. If you don’t believe me, check out my post on Bear’s first birthday party here. I blame my mother; she always had the most amazing invitations for our parties.

So, I thought I’d share how I made them!

These were SO fun to put together & it only took about 15 minutes!
I used leftover paper from Bear’s 1st birthday invitations ● Literally everything else is from hobby lobby! ● The paper filler is in the gift wrapping section & the little white boxes are in the baking section.
I used these ornaments for the actual invitations ● I found them at hobby lobby, but you can buy really cute ones here
Next, I printed off the party info on craft paper, cut it to fit, & glued it onto the decorative paper.

“A little sugar, a lot of fun

A cookie exchange, please plan to come!


Date & Time


Number to RSVP


Please bring 2 dozen cookies.

Have your man wear his ugliest sweater. I hear there’s a competition!”

Tip: don’t go too heavy on the mod podge ● I used too much on a few and the paper started to get wavy.
Next, mix the different colored paper filler in each of the boxes.
Add your invitations and your ready to go!

If you make these invitations, I would LOVE to see them so tag me on instagram! @jackieritzbrickey


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